KidKraft Deluxe Big & Bright Kitchen Set

The Big & Bright Kitchen from KidKraft definitely lives up to its name. It has some of the most eye-popping colors that you’ll find in a toy playset. Though it is a little pricey, it’s also big enough for several kids to play with at once– making it an ideal place for your children to practice their social skills and learn how to play adult.

Though it doesn’t come with a ton of accessories, the set does include enough stuff to get your kid started: a toy spatula, an oven mit and a removable plastic phone. Like other kitchen playsets, the doors open and close and the space inside can be used to store other toys. Let’s explore this set in more detail to find out what other features it has to offer.


Bright colors — This rainbow colored kitchen may not be a color scheme that an adult would pick out, but who cares? The bright colors make this toy kitchen a kid magnet.

See through windows — Other toy kitchen sets use cheap plastic stickers to replicate the look of real windows, but the windows on the oven and microwave are made of sturdy transparent plastic.

Sensory stimulation — The oven knobs click, pop and twist, just like they do in a real kitchen. Also, the doors open and close.

Storage space for toys — You can teach your kids how to organize their things by having them practice putting them away in the drawers.

Our Rating4.5 / 5

KidKraft Deluxe Big & Bright Kitchen
  • Convenient storage above and below the sink
  • Removable sink for quick and easy cleaning
  • Knobs on the oven and sink that turn and click
  • Large enough that multiple children can play at once
  • Refrigerator, freezer, oven and microwave open and close and see thru windows on oven and microwave doors

The Good

The bright color scheme is the most impressive thing about this playset. As soon as your kids lay their eyes on it, they’ll want to start their own colorful play café.

The Bad

Though the particle board material used to make this playset definitely looks nice, it is also a bit fragile. If your children are rough on their toys, you may want to go with a plastic kitchen playset.

Best Suited For

Kids who like to play pretend in the kitchen and love bright colors.

Not So Good For

Infants and kids who are rough on their toys.

The Verdict

Though this is the most brightly-colored kitchen playsets we’ve reviewed, it’s also one of the most fragile. Many parents have complained about the thin particleboard used in the construction of this toy. On the other hand, many have also raved about the catchy color scheme. So long as your kids manage to play nicely while in the kitchen, this playset is sure to entertain them for hours on end.

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